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ANet adds Feena-Chan-items to the game
ANet recently announced that new in-game items of the popular player Feena Chan will be introduced to the game. These items will have uber-stats, and shall be really hard to get.

One item already made it into the ...more
Ragnaros is down!
Excellent job in Molten Core tonight and congratulations to everyone on getting Rag down!

Hopefully we can spend a week and focus hard on Onyxia and finally get here down. I'm sure that in the same vein as Hakkar and Rag, if we have a lot of ...more
The Riot Community Awards 2006!
Admins please sticky- Thanks!

[size=18:fcf8c1ec8d]To all Halo 2 Clans, players, and public:

The Riot is hosting it's first annual "Best of the net ...more
Congrats on taking Hakkar down!!!
Congratulations on everyone that was in ZG tonight and downed Hakkar!!

Through working togething, listening, and everyone doing their part we learnt a boss in a few nights and downed him! That's the way things are done :)

We'll make sure to ...more
Official SoL Gears of War Stat Tracker™! [SoLGST™]
SoL Gear Wars: Night #2
Halo, Everyone!
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