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Sword of Laban
All About SoL
About SoL
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All You Need To Know About SoL
Since the inception of Sword of Laban, the clan - and to a much greater extent, the community - has grown by leaps and bounds. This is a very brief overview of SoL as it stands. You can learn more about specific factions of SoL by reading more in the About section, or visiting the Clans page(s), and to get the real info check out the forums. If you're reading this from the forums...never mind that last comment.

SoL was officially founded on November 17th, 2004 (more details) as a Halo 2 clan. Sword of Laban found great success along with Halo 2, and soon blossomed a large following. Over time, the Halo side of SoL has had ups and downs, but has always come out on top, stronger than it was before. Of course, we couldn't stop at just one game...

Soon after, SoL expanded in to the World of Warcraft, and later the Guild Wars, realms of MMORPG's, which brought with them great followings themselves and merely added to the strength of the SoL community as a whole. SoL also ventures in to a number of other games, such as Gears of War, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Oblivion and more, while continually watching for even more new ways to strengthen our gaming core.

But (yes, I know it is a grammatical faux pas to start a sentence with 'but'...but I don't care :wink: ) we're not here to talk about games specifically, as there's plenty of information around here about those specifically. This is about the community of SoL, and what it's about. Of course, the core fundamentals (isn't that kind of redundant?) of SoL follow through to all our gaming ventures:

(1) Play fair.
(2) Don't swear.
(3) Remember who you are.

What does it all mean? Sword of Laban is a community that focuses on having fun while at the same time being competitive, yet gracious in defeat (like that ever happens! ;-) ) and always playing by the rules. SoL has grown in to a close-knot community of friends, and will continue to do so for as far as can be seen. Everyone is welcome here! (Unless you get on the bad side of the Beauties...)

Stick around, join us in the forums and online for so good-natured fun, and hop right in! Feel free to look in to more of the History and Extras of SoL, or keep an eye out for News and other Gaming info! (Don't forget all the cool Links!)
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